Water Paintings and drawings by Jenny Pierik

You are very welcome to come and see some of these paintings and other work in the studio in the WATERLAB, Voorsterweg 32, 8316 PT Marknesse. (Do turn at nr.30 on the Voorsterweg and then immediately to the right.)

  • tel.: +31 (0)38 38 670 95
  • mobile: +31 (0)640 122 797
  • email: info@jennypierik.nl


Grijze Golf I 2008_thumb1
Beulaker  1 2010-11_thumb1
Beulaker diptiek 2011_thumb1
Ander Water 2010-11_thumb1
Schwerin 1 2009_thumb1
Grijze Golf II 2008_thumb1
Dwerg 2008-9_thumb1
Ness  2009_thumb1
Vmeer I 2010_thumb1
Waterlicht 2009_thumb1
Schwerin 3 2010-11_thumb1
Z.t  2009_thumb1